Rabu, 21 November 2012

10 Attitudes for Good Leader

I want to share “10 Attitudes for Good Leader” from a book with hastag #Leader

1/10 Leaders must not spell this letter : I #Leader

2/10 Leaders must follow these two letters : WE #Leader

3/10 Leaders must not have these three letters : EGO #Leader

4/10 Leaders must keep in practice this four letters : LOVE #Leader

5/10 Leaders must adopt these five letters : SMILE #Leader

6/10 Leaders must follow these six letters : LISTEN #Leader

7/10 Leaders must practice these seven letters : EMPHATY #Leader

8/10 Leaders did not need these eight letters : JEALOUSLY #Leader

9/10 Leaders must improve these nine letters : KNOWLEDGE #Leader

10/10 Leaders will become peerless by these ten letters : CONFIDENCE #Leader

I took that from a book “The Billionaire Codes with that pic which written by BongChandra
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